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Does halal certification fund terrorism? Maybe, maybe not. So why take the risk?

The Australian Crime Commission and AUSTRAC testified, at a Senate committee, that they have limited powers to track money once it goes offshore. So why are we taking the risk of funding Islamic organisations?

DISCLAIMER: I am not trying to suggest in this post that Australian halal certification does directly fund terrorism, I have no evidence of that myself, however various red flags have been raised, such as financial mismanagement by Islamic organisations, lack of traceability of money transfers etc, some of which deserve further investigation. Whether further inspection will find funding of terrorism I can’t say, however halal certification monies have been passed to Islamic groups with extremist views (such as MUI, who endorse female genital mutilation – see my other post).

And in particular, the 4 terrorist attacks that have been carried out on Australian soil in recent years have all been by Muslims, and virtually all other foiled attacks have also been planned by Muslims. Therefore considering we currently have an enormous problem worldwide with Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism, I believe that any monies passing to the hands of Islamic groups deserves extra scrutiny.

At the time of the 2015 Senate inquiry into third-party certification of food a headline was bandied around in various newspapers that no “direct links” from halal certifiers to terrorism had been found. But many of these articles were misleading, as they did not address the fact that both the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) and AUSTRAC admitted to the Senate that they had limitations on their investigative powers, particularly once money goes offshore, i.e. as AUSTRAC testified, “We can see when money leaves Australia and goes offshore to the first point of recipient…if you were in the UK, for example, and I sent money to you, Senator, we can see the transaction. Where that money goes next is a difficult challenge for us because it is not part of what is reported to AUSTRAC.”

Furthermore AUSTRAC has previously flagged the indirect funding of terrorism, by funneling money through overseas charities, as a potential high risk.

Indeed as noted in both the Senate inquiry and on ABC Four Corners, some overseas halal certifiers have either been linked to, or known to funnel monies to charities that turned out to be funding terrorism.

Of course it could also be argued that any individual or organization could be funding nefarious deeds through offshore charities, but the reason why Islamic organisations require extra scrutiny is because we do have a worldwide Islamic terrorism problem that is obviously receiving funding from somewhere.

Whilst the ACC testified that due to media interest in links between halal certification and terrorism, they “have been on a heightened lookout for any links between halal certification” and did not subsequently find any direct links, they also admitted that that they were particularly focused on “money laundering and on serious and organised crime”. The point that was made to them by Senator Bernardi is that the transfer of halal certification funds, is a legitimate business activity, and therefore would not fall into the category of money-laundering, “They are not laundering money; they are just sending money overseas for a cause”.

Our crime bodies also have further limitations. AUSTRAC testified that they do not generally investigate domestic transfers under $10,000 unless it has been drawn to their attention as suspicious.

The Australian, “Muslim school stripped of $45m”

Furthermore some Islamic organisations, such as AFIC, have been embroiled in legal proceedings with allegations of severe financial mismanagement, such as siphoning $45 million worth of government school funding from one of the schools they manage, Malek Fahd. This is not the only AFIC managed school that has come under fire, indeed others have had their government funding revoked. AFIC, as a registered charity, has the advantage that they are exempt from the reporting and tax obligations of most Australian businesses. A number of other halal certifiers are also not for profits, others set up as businesses.

Australian Government, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, “List of recognised Islamic bodies for halal certification of red meat” This is a screenshot of part of the list

Generally how halal certification operates is that the halal certifiers are hand picked by Islamic countries, particularly when it comes to red meat exports. It stands to reason that these countries are most likely to give their business to the halal certifiers that best fit their strain of Islam.

AFIC has a very cosy relationship with a number of these countries, and is one of a handful of halal certifiers approved for red meat exports to Saudi Arabia. They also are approved for Qatar.

Furthermore, particularly in the case of Indonesia, it has been alleged that some halal certifiers have been paying bribes to get these contracts.

The Guardian,”WikiLeaks cables portray Saudi Arabia as a cash machine for terrorists”

Whilst bribes, corruption and financial mismanagement does not necessarily lead to terrorism, when halal certifiers are handpicked by countries such as Saudi Arabia, any financial transactions should be carefully scrutinized, in light of Hillary Clinton’s statement that, “Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide”.

Qatar too has recently been in the news, accused of funding terrorism.

In the past AFIC also had a close relationship with Libyan dictator Gaddafi, and indeed received funding from him.

The ABC Four Corners, “The Truth About Halal” episode discussed allegations of links from halal certification to terrorism. “Overseas, some halal certifiers have been linked to Islamic charities accused of assisting groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.”

Probably the most prominent Australian halal certifier to be embroiled in terrorist allegations was Mohammed El-Mouelhy.

Four Corners mentioned that El-Mouelhy “gives generously to Islamic charities, including Human Appeal International….HAI has been named overseas as a suspected fundraiser for Hamas by the US and Israeli governments. HAI’s Australian branch told Four Corners it has never funded Hamas or any of its affiliates.”

El-Mouelhy went on to concur that this charity does not fund Hamas, but if it were established that it did he would look for another charity to support.

And of course the ACC and AUSTRAC did mention that they have not found any evidence of direct links between halal certification and terrorism.

But possibly a major reason for why El-Mouelhy came under suspicion by the public was that it was reported shortly after the Lindt Café siege that one of his family members was in the Lindt café minutes before the siege took place. In fact both The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph, at the time, recounted lengthy interviews with her, however these reports were somewhat conflicting as to whether or not she had been in the café or nearby. And there also seemed to be some confusion as to whether she was his wife or his daughter.

In fact El-Mouelhy’s business is located not far from Martin Place, so presumably it would not be unusual for he or his family to be in the vicinity of the café, but to actually be in the café at that time would have been quite a close call. As proponents of halal certification it would also be hypocritical for them to be eating in Lindt, considering Lindt chocolate has resisted the urge to become halal certified, and El-Mouelhy’s business website states, “Muslims have certain dietary requirements that must be fulfilled by certification.” Unless they were at the Lindt cafe to try and persuade it to become halal certified?

But these reports combined with El-Mouelhy’s links to HAI may have made a nervous public jump to conclusions. Indeed El-Mouelhy ended up suing Halal Choices activist Kirralie Smith for defamation (they eventually settled out of court).

However since those early reports, no more mention of this appears to have been made again, so one would have to conclude that those reports of an El-Mouelhy being at the café are wrong. Most likely the inquest into the Lindt café uncovered the truth about this, but one has to ask, given the terrorism allegations that the El-Mouelhy family has endured, and the public unease about terrorism, surely it is in both the family and the public’s interest for these newspapers to either confirm or issue a rebuttal of these stories, and if the reports were false to explain why they were made.

When it comes to misleading newspaper reports, here is one from the ABC, titled “No direct link between halal certification and Islamic terrorism, Senate inquiry told”:

“Senator Cory Bernardi, who is on the committee, asked if the reason why AUSTRAC had come up with no evidence was because they were not looking at halal certifiers.

“The answer to that is ‘no’,” Craig Robertson, AUSTRAC’s acting national manager of intelligence, said.

“We’re not looking specifically at the use of those funds on the basis that I guess a third party outside of AUSTRAC hasn’t been able to refer us information that provides evidence to look at it, and our own detection and monitoring systems of what we know about how terrorism financing occurs has not surfaced that information.”

Whilst I’m not someone who normally questions the integrity of the ABC in terms of the accuracy of their reporting (I do at times question their bias however), having read the hansard this is not only somewhat misleading, it also appears that the ABC merged two separate sentences together, that would be fine if they used an ellipsis … to indicate the merging of two separate statements. I, myself, am no expert on correct referencing but in this case it appears to have been done to be misleading.

Because below is actually what is in the hansard:

Senator BERNARDI: Once again, I come back to this: have you specifically looked at the use of funds by organisations that conduct halal certification?

Mr Robertson: The answer to that is no, we are not looking specifically at the use of those funds. As Mrs Jamieson outlined in our opening statement, we do monitor for movements that relate to those activities. We use either names of entities or keywords, as we do for a range of things, in order to surface any information that we would then need to assess. But aside from those regular types of monitoring activities we do not have any active work against those movements of funds.

Senator BERNARDI: I have learned not to rely on ABC Fact Check. ABC Fact Check said, ‘A spokesman for AUSTRAC told Fact Check it had no information to indicate that there are links to terrorism financing from halal certification fees.’ That may be entirely accurate but it is because you have not investigated halal certification fees and the use of that.

Mr Robertson: Again, for clarity, we do not conduct the investigations per se—and I know it is terminology. On the basis that a third party outside of AUSTRAC has not been able to refer us to information that provides that evidence to look at it—and our own detection and monitoring systems of what we know about how terrorism financing occurs has not surfaced that information—the short answer is no.”

But there are other reasons for public unease about halal certification in general. What did come out in the Senate inquiry was that much of the Australian halal certification industry is extremely unregulated

The Australian halal certification industry is extremely unregulated with much of their activities shrouded in secrecy, and some of the responses given to the inquiry by halal certifiers were evasive. For instance the Senate committee could not establish how many halal certifiers there were in Australia (though it appears that there are at least 22). Therefore if no one knows who they all are, obviously they can not have all be investigated for terrorism!

This is not to say any Australian halal certifiers are funding terrorism, but with allegations of severe financial mismanagement, bribes and corruptions, secretive and evasive behaviours, and links to countries such as Saudi Arabia, in addition to a worldwide Islamic terrorism problem, the question should not be whether halal certifiers and Islamic organisations are funding terrorism, but should we be willing to take the risk that they might be? In particular given that many of these groups hold views that would be considered misogynistic and oppressive by most modern day Australians, one would have to ask what societal benefit to our country does funding these groups bring?


If you would like to read more, below are some of the excerpts regarding terrorism taken from the hansard of the Senate inquiry into the third party food certification (please be aware I have abbreviated some of this, so as to highlight the areas I think most relevant, but I try to make that clear by my use of ellipsis. The full Hansard can be downloaded at the end of this post):

AUSTRAC’s evidence (pg 13-14):

Senator BERNARDI: AUSTRAC is responsible for tracking domestic and external and international money transfers—is that correct?

Mr Robertson: Yes, in a broad sense, although we have much more limited visibility of domestic financial activity by virtue of what is legislated in terms of what is reported to us. The vast majority of the information that we hold relates to the movements of funds in and out of Australia, regardless of their value. We do have some direct reports of domestic activity, normally when they are performed in cash and when they are above a threshold of $10,000. As I am sure you have seen when you have travelled, you also have the cross-border movement of physical currency and that gets reported to AUSTRAC as well. The fourth type of report is a suspicious matter report, which does not have a threshold or a particular type that requires that report to be made.

AUSTRAC’s evidence (pg 14):

Mr Robertson: …we do not have any information that suggests that the entities we are aware of that provide halal certification are linked to the funding of those seeking to travel overseas to fight in Iraq or Syria or those who are onshore seeking to undertake any attack planning—

Senator BERNARDI: But you do not really track it, in essence, do you? You do not follow the certification money through a group like AFIC into a mosque or a bookstore where there are extremist materials and the conversion of people and the inspiring of jihadis is taking place.

Mr Robertson: The answer to that is: no, we do not follow those funds, particularly, for those entities who are engaged in halal certification.

AUSTRAC’s evidence (pg 14):

Senator BERNARDI: I will turn internationally, then. In a report published last year, Terrorism financing in Australia, AUSTRAC said:

The risks associated with the misuse of charities and NPOs are high as these organisations offer the capacity for groups to raise relatively large amounts of money over time.

I understand there are national security issues at play here, but how far do you track the funds that are used by international charities?

Mr Robertson: There is a challenge in that. We can see when money leaves Australia and goes offshore to the first point of recipient, if you like. To put a broader scenario: if you were in the UK, for example, and I sent money to you, Senator, we can see the transaction. Where that money goes next is a difficult challenge for us because it is not part of what is reported to AUSTRAC. If we identified that the transaction was suspicious, we have a number of arrangements with our counterpart type units in different countries. We could ask the question of those counterparts: what happened to those funds next? We would not do that for all the transactions. As I mentioned, we would only do that in cases where we formed a suspicion or one of our partner agencies has asked us to assist them in looking at those transactions and to engage our international partners.

The delivery of funds that go overseas for charitable purposes are often devolved into goods or cash, which are not part of what we are able to track.

AUSTRAC’s evidence (pg 14-15):

Senator BERNARDI: Let me give you an example: Human Appeal International. It is an international organisation that has ties to Hamas. Hamas is not a prescribed organisation in Australia, but the Hamas brigades are. You can track the money from Human Appeal International that sends out to Hamas. Is that right? They have to send it to an end recipient, so you know that it is going to Hamas or whatever their organisation is.

Mr Robertson: If Human Appeal International has a bank account in Australia and they send funds, yes, we would see where that money was.

Senator BERNARDI: But you cannot then track what Hamas does with the funding?

Mr Robertson: Based on what is reported to us, no.

AUSTRAC’s evidence (pg 15):

Senator BERNARDI: If a halal certifier boasts about supporting an organisation like Human Appeal International, which is directly linked to Hamas and has personnel on their international body that are linked to Hezbollah, which is not a good group of people, it is not too long a bow to draw and say, ‘The profits of halal certification are linked to organisations that are not acting in Australia’s interests?

Mr Robertson: That is when AUSTRAC does not have that investigative mandate in terms of an agency. If we were to see a scenario like that where funds do move, we would need to refer that to a partner agency who would investigate the offences of terrorism financing—they are not offences under our legislation, as you are no doubt aware—and/or then we could work with partner agencies to engage with the country overseas where that money has gone so that we can understand more about it.

Senator BERNARDI: I can find this out through a Google search, effectively. We have a bloke who is boasting and is contributing to a charity which is directly linked to those types of organisations. How can you not conclude that the profits of halal certification, which this man openly boasts runs into millions of dollars for him, are contributing to extremist organisations?

Mrs Jamieson: We look at the financial transaction reports that come in. As we said, halal certification, the business, does not fall under our legislation. So we revert back to the transaction reports that we then receive, which are the international funds transfers. Mr Robertson has explained to you what we do with that information when we receive it.

Senator BERNARDI: If I give money to a charity, AUSTRAC really only see the sum of money and who the recipient is when the charity distributes it. It really does not have any knowledge of my contribution to the charity—or does it? You do not have to answer that aspect of it.

Mr Robertson: It is easy to answer that in one sense. If you donated less than $10,000 to a charity in Australia and you put it into their bank account, it would not be reported to us; but if it was more than $10,000 and you put it into their bank account, it would be reported to us.

Australian Crime Commission (ACC) evidence (pg 18):

Mr Hansford:  Equally, like the evidence that AUSTRAC provided earlier this morning, we have been involved in and funded for the response to Islamist terrorism by the Australian government, particularly focusing on money-laundering, and we are involved with a whole range of partners, including AUSTRAC. This is in addition to our daily work on anything from illicit drugs, gangs and high-risk crime targets, to cybercrime. So it is in this context that we made the following statement, and on 12 November—following a considerable number of media requests, and some statements by the media that actually identified the Australian Crime Commission as having found links between halal certification and terrorism—we put out a press release that said exactly what I said at the beginning: that we have found links between money-laundering, terrorism and serious and organised crime, but we have not found any direct links between halal certification and the funding of terrorism.

My evidence today is based on our operational work and the intelligence holdings that the Australian Crime Commission has. Since this issue has been highlighted in the press, we have been on a heightened lookout for any links between halal certification in our intelligence holdings, and to date we have not found any direct linkages.

Australian Crime Commission (ACC) evidence (pg 19):

Senator BERNARDI: I will draw on some of the evidence that was produced to us. For example, the Islamic Council of Western Australia the Islamic Council of Western Australia said in their 2013 annual report that they made donations to Syria, but they did it through a charity, the Al Imdaad charity, to ensure that no recriminations could be directed to the Islamic Council of Western Australia. So you could say if, for example, the Al Imdaad charity was involved in untoward activities in Syria—and I do not know whether it was, but there are no good guys in Syria, apparently—then there is no direct link to an Islamic certifier funding terrorism or extremist activity, but there may be cause for an indirect conclusion to be drawn.

Mr Hansford: I think that wherever there is a sector with large amounts of cash that are being remitted, there is an opportunity for either serious and organised crime or people sympathetic with terrorism to utilise and exploit that particular sector. That is the answer, but from the high-risk crime targets that we look at and the money laundering operations that we have undertaken, we have not seen a direct link.

Senator BERNARDI: We come back to this directly. If a certifying agency decides to remit funds overseas for whatever purpose—for humanitarian or charitable aims, either directly or through a third party—you are not really in a position to assess how those funds are utilised overseas. Is that correct?

Mr Hansford: That is correct. But we are in a position to understand how money is laundered by organised crime, and no sector in the Australian economy is really prone from infiltration by serious and organised crime, whether that is a bank or a casino, or the alternative remittance sector. All of them have the potential to be exploited, and for laundered money—

Senator BERNARDI: But we are not talking about money laundering. We are talking about legitimate businesses, or organisations in Australia, that raise money through the halal certification schemes or whatever, and then they say they are going to participate in an international outreach, either through a charity or anything else. They are not laundering money; they are just sending money overseas for a cause. There is no way you can assess, realistically, where every dollar of that money goes once it reaches an offshore destination like Syria or Iraq or Palestine, or anywhere else.

Mr Hansford: I guess the answer is that our focus is on money laundering and on serious and organised crime.

Senator BERNARDI: So we are talking apples and oranges.

Mr Hansford: Yes.

Kirralie Smith:

Kirralie Smith is a vocal anti Halal Certification activist, a prior member of the Australian Liberty Alliance she recently joined Senator Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives party.

Kirralie has been researching Halal Certification for many years and gave evidence that she has been harassed by many people, including prominent Muslim leaders, and the intimidation reached such a point that she had to move house and keep her location secret, all because she “dared to ask questions about the halal certification industry in Australia.”

Kirralie gave a lot of evidence in general about the Halal Certification industry but in relation to terrorism this is part of what she said:

Kirralie Smith’s evidence (pg 27):

Mrs Smith: …In Canada, the example is that the Muslim Association of Canada did raise money in a number of ways, and one of the ways was through halal certification. They then gave money to IRFAN of Canada, and IRFAN then channelled approximately $14.6 million to Hamas. In that time, IRFAN has been deregistered as a charity and is no longer able to raise funds that way. That was one documented way. In the US, it was the Holy Land Foundation around 2001. CAIR, in America, was another, similar to IRFAN; it was an unindicted co-conspirator of the Holy Land Foundation, which was also found to be funding terrorism at the time.

Kirralie Smith’s evidence (pg 27):

Mrs Smith: …obviously the reports were not read in their entirety and there was some cherry picking going on this morning as well. As I have said, AUSTRAC in 2010 said that they list financial contributions through formal charitable donations as one of the three most common methods by which terrorism funds are raised in Australia. We know that these halal certifiers are giving to those charitable funds. I do not think the question was answered this morning other than it was not a direct link. Yes, we need more transparency and more investigation so that the government can comprehensively and confidently say to consumers that our grocery purchase dollars are not going to fund extremists or terrorists.


The Senate Economics References Committee into third-party certification of food (2015):
(Below is the downloadable hansard of the hearing on 24th September 2015 only, as it is relates to terrorism, you can find the hansard for the rest of the hearings in my post here about Sharia by stealth):


Other References:

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Should we fund Islamic organisations? Ask your MP, Yes or No? And vote accordingly

We need to stop funding Islamic extremism

Indonesian woman caned for having pre-marital sex under Sharia law

Whilst the argument rages on whether we are funding terrorism or not, we do know at the very least that we are funding other types of Islamic extremist views, such as those who want to see Sharia Law enacted or are involved in other questionable activities. (you can see this through my various posts here).

Let me make this clear I am not asking for a ban on Muslims, I am aware that not all of them are extremists, some are what we would call cultural Muslims, and are not particularly religious.

What I am asking for is that we defund Islam in this country. No more government funding of Islamic organisations, or charitable status given to them, no more tax exemptions, no more halal certification.

Female genital mutilation of Indonesian schoolgirls carried out in mass operations

Whilst I personally know some good Muslims, this is a religion that at its very least is misogynistic and oppressive. A religion that calls for the death of gays, apostates, atheists and people of other faiths. Women are treated like sub-humans. Animals are slaughtered inhumanely. Little girls are genitally mutilated.

The Koran preaches violence, and some of its members are putting these violent verses into action via terrorism. Even more are practising the oppressive practices outlined for them by Islamic leaders.

ISIS is guilty of numerous atrocities and terrorism – who is funding them?

No, not every Muslim is following the examples of oppression preached for them in the Koran and mosques, ironically some cultural Muslims flee their home countries to escape Islamic oppression and then find the same religion is being imposed on them here, a country that is supposedly non Islamic and is arguably secular. Therefore if we want to help these good Muslims to receive healthcare, education etc we can do all of this via secular organisations.

Keep in mind that according to Section 116, of The Australian Constitution, “The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance..” If the government and indeed every Australian is involuntarily chipping into a religion via government funding, and indeed also being forced to eat religiously slaughtered/certified food (considering halal certified foods have a monopoly in this country, and the labelling of such is inadequate) then effectively this is imposing religious observance on us.

Whilst The Constitution also says that The Commonwealth can not prohibit, “the free exercise of any religion”. Keep in mind though where the free exercise of religion has come into conflict with our laws, sometimes courts have deemed the curtailing of such free exercise as legal. For instance in 1912, The High Court “considered that Section 116 would only protect religious observance from government interference; it would not permit a person to be excused from a legal obligation merely because the obligation conflicted with his or her religious beliefs.”

Indeed during World War II, a branch of the Jehovah’s witnesses was dissolved, because “The government had declared the branch to be an organisation whose activities were “prejudicial to the defence of the Commonwealth”: one of the branch’s professed beliefs was that the government was an “organ of Satan”. This dissolution was found not to be in contravention of Section 116, because “the Constitution permitted the court to “reconcile religious freedom with ordered government”.

Therefore if a religious leader was preaching violent or illegal acts, which led to members committing said illegal acts, one would assume that there may be a legal case for banning their branch of religion.

However admittedly this is all quite a murky legal area, because funding of religion has also been argued to not be in contravention of the Constitution, but basically this has come down to legal arguments about whether government funding can be seen as being trying to establish a religion or not.

There are also arguments, which I won’t go into depth here, as to whether Islam should be classified as a religion or not. This is partially to do with the fact that Islam has a political aspect to it. Some say it therefore is a political ideology, others say it is a cult. This too is a murky area, because depending on how Islam is classified may give it more, or less, legal protection.

The Australian, “Muslim school stripped of $45m”

However what is clear is that currently Islam is considered a religion, by the powers that be, and that constitutionally we are NOT required to fund any religion, therefore why are we funding Islam?

There is no societal benefit to funding Islam in this country, and it is not a constitutional requirement, and indeed, depending on what argument you use, it may be unconstitutional, so why are we doing it?

The point is not whether Islamic organisations are funding terrorism, but the fact that they are funding various types of extremist beliefs, and in a time when we are effectively at war with parts of Islam, why are we taking the risk of funding it at all?

The question we should be asking every politician, is this:

Should we fund Islamic organisations?

Yes or No?

Then vote accordingly to their answer.

Oh, and let’s ask for a plebiscite on it.



Commonwealth Consolidated Acts, “COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA CONSTITUTION ACT – SECT 116”, http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/consol_act/coaca430/s116.html

Wikipedia, “Section 116 of the Constitution of Australia”, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Section_116_of_the_Constitution_of_Australia#.22Establishing_any_religion.22

Halal Certification – Islamic Sharia by stealth, the $2.1 trillion dollar Islamic industry we are all chipping into

Halal Certification – Islam’s Sharia scheme

Halal Certification – started off with meat, then other foods, now halal certification has extended into healthcare, pharmaceuticals, travel, education, and the list goes on. Making many Muslims rich, but there is also a more sinister side to it…

Halal certification Islamic Economy report pg 4

The 2016/2017 Thomson Reuters/DinarStandard report into The State of The Global Islamic Economy, pg 4

Halal Certification is an over $2 trillion dollar industry which mostly funds Islam but virtually all of us worldwide are chipping into it. But it’s not just our infidel money they want, they also want to change our way of life, such as segregating Muslims from non-Muslims in healthcare.

Halal certification Islamic Economy report cover

The Thomson Reuters/DinarStandard report into The State of The Global Islamic Economy 2016/17, and supported by Dubai The Capital of Islamic Economy

Global Islamic Economy Report

The halal certifiers themselves have written a comprehensive report about it, and the tidy little (well big actually) profits they are making. The 2016/2017 Thomson Reuters/DinarStandard (the latter being an Islamic company) report into the State of The Global Islamic Economy, documents all the areas that halal certification has spread into. The whole report has been “supported by Dubai The Capital of Islamic Economy” (Report downloadable at the end of this post)

Halal Certification – $2 trillion Industry

A $2.1 trillion dollar industry (ABC Four Corners 2015 figure or $1.9 trillion according to this report), but of course we are always told that costs aren’t passed on to us. Hmm, so we have an industry where people are getting rich but it’s not costing anyone? Seems unlikely to me, and if this is the case, then perhaps these people should run motivational get rich quick seminars.

Halal Rort extending into Pharmaceuticals

Well they would certainly be qualified to run a get rich quick scheme, after all halal certification must be the biggest scam in recent history. Someone certifies your product, such as bread, to state that it doesn’t have alcohol or pork in it. And they make motza cash out of doing this! Huh! What’s next, will we have halal certified oxygen – guaranteed no pork! Don’t laugh, it ain’t so preposterous considering the next thing on the halal certifiers list is halal vaccines! (yep it’s in the report, pgs 159, 172). Oh and they plan to start making a whole lot of halal certified medicines once $148 billion dollars worth of medical patents end in 2018 (pg 172).

See my other post about halal vaccines and pharmaceuticals: http://endgenderapartheid.com/2017/05/23/halal-vaccines-medicines-segregation-infidels/?preview_id=160&preview_nonce=576e032d77&_thumbnail_id=-1&preview=true

Halal Certification not in the Koran

All for something that isn’t even in the Koran (Quran). Yes the concept of halal exists there, but not halal certification, and pretty much everything is halal unless it is specified otherwise, and there are only a few food items that are not halal, specifically pork and alcohol (well they also mention a few obscure food items, such as don’t eat carnivorous animals but as not too many people are going to try their luck tackling a tiger I think we can exclude that one from the list). Oh and yes there is some debate in the Koran about how meat should be slaughtered (that will be another post), but in general if it don’t contain pork or alcohol then consume my dear Islamic friend! Muhammad approves! Don’t believe infidel me? Have a read of the Koran.

Yes Muslims were all surviving quite well without halal certification for hundreds of years, till some devout/shrewd Islamic businessmen saw a penny in it. It became big around the 1970’s but was meat only, then extended into other foods, (to the point that the majority of Australian foods, other than pork and alcohol, now appear to be halal certified), now halal vaccines are winging their way to us in 2018.

Female Genital Mutilation - FGM - mass operation

An example of mass female genital mutilation operations

Halal Certification funds Islam – FGM and other Sharia

So why should we care? Well, despite what they say, there is a good chance that the costs are passed on to us, and also the money raised largely goes back into Islamic coffers. Do you want to fund female genital mutilation, sharia law, stoning of women, throwing gays off buildings, etc? No, neither do I. Oh I’m sorry, am I “racist” for saying I object to that? Of course not all Muslims are doing that, but when you fund Islamic organisations how do you know whether it is funding the extreme versions of Islam aka Saudi style, or the “moderate” form of Islam practiced in Indonesia? Or at least that is how Indonesia is often described, despite the fact that 49% of their young girls have undergone female genital mutilation (UNICEF report based on actual Indonesia government figures).

Islamic countries demand our exports be halal certified – and they pick the certifier

Well I can tell you that we are funding the so called “moderates” and the fanatics. In Australia the 2015 Senate Economics References Committee into third-party certification of food explained how it all works. Despite this specific inquiry being Australian, its primary focus was halal certification and much of the information gleaned is pertinent to worldwide markets.

The inquiry disclosed that countries like Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and some other Islamic countries specify that red meat (and sometimes other foods, and even non food products) must be halal certified to export to those countries. Oh and the Islamic country picks the Aussie halal certifier for their country, who by the way often gives them kickbacks. In the case of Indonesia, their senior Islamic organisation, Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), is the decider, yet they have had a lot of allegations of corruption and bribery, by the actual halal certifiers! This was noted in both the Senate inquiry and an ABC Four Corners report, called “The Truth About Halal”. If MUI rings a bell, well I have another post on this site about their links to female genital mutilation (FGM).

A certification rort which produces no health or safety benefits

So Aussie food producers are obtaining halal certification, because basically it is a non tariff barrier to export to Islamic countries. That’s the polite way to put it, others might call it extortion. Keep in mind they are paying for a certification scheme that produces nothing, has no health or safety benefits, and supposedly is to help Muslims know what they can eat, despite every Muslim knowing exactly what is permissible (halal) to them already.  If they were avoiding certain products for allergy reasons or animal cruelty issues then I would be sympathetic, but considering Muslims support of halal slaughter (noted as an inhumane practice by most animal activists) it is obvious that their religious observance has nothing to do with compassion, and everything to do with out-dated dogma.

In any case most foods already have a handy little indicator on their packaging, called an ingredient list. Perhaps some lists could be made a little clearer to help vegans, vegetarians and those with allergies, but there should be no need for a separate halal certification. Yet we Aussies (approximately 98% who are not Muslims) pay the price through our grocery purchases because for some inexplicable reason Muslims aren’t prepared to read the ingredient list already provided for all consumers on most foods. All for an Islamic scheme which benefits Muslims only, or at the least benefits Islamic businessmen to get richer.

Halal certification Islamic Economy report pg 4 & 5

The State of The Global Islamic Economy Report 2016/17, pg 4 & 5 outline some of the many areas Halal Certification has expanded into

Halal Certification is a Worldwide extortion racket

It’s not just Aussies that are getting fleeced, countries all over the world are being coerced into paying into this halal scam. If they want to export to Islamic countries that’s generally what they have to do, but the added problem is that even a lot of domestic foods/products that are never exported to Islamic countries are halal certified also. The Thomson Reuters/DinarStandard report makes it clear the extent of this rort. Services too, worldwide, are halal certified to supposedly appeal to the Muslim tourist, which makes me wonder what Muslims did prior to halal certification, did they just not travel? Therefore would a lack of halal certification deter an Islamic terrorist from travelling to that region? Let’s ponder that one for a while.

Islamic terrorism funding

The Guardian,”WikiLeaks cables portray Saudi Arabia as a cash machine for terrorists”

Halal Certification – Funding Fanatics

Of course apart from making some Islamic businessmen rich, some of the funds do go back into the Islamic community, but what’s the bet that the approved halal certifier for Saudi Arabia is going to be ‘encouraged’ by Saudi officials to fund projects in line with the Saudi approved strain of Islam? And so forth with the other countries. Oh and keep in mind Saudi Arabia has had allegations of backing terrorism (does Osama bin Laden ring a bell?) In fact Hillary Clinton herself claimed that “Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide”. Qatar too has recently been in the news, accused of funding terrorism.

Limited investigative powers to track halal money once offshore

Oh but there’s no links to terrorism from halal certifiers, right? Yeah you saw that headline bandied around everywhere. Actually what AUSTRAC and ACC testified at the Senate inquiry is that there have been no “direct links” found, but they admitted that once money goes offshore they have limited investigative powers to track it. But let me address the terrorism issue in full in another post here: http://endgenderapartheid.com/2017/06/04/halal-certification-fund-terrorism-maybe-maybe-not-take-risk/

Halal Certification isn’t just one fee

Oh but halal certification is just a little certification fee, right? Wrong! There are allegations that the fees are many and varied, may include audits, the food producer may have to change factory processes, such as no longer using alcohol based cleaners, they may even be compelled to do factory refits. The transport itself may have to be halal certified. And each ingredient may also need to be separately halal certified. So for example the bread producer wanting to export may have to put pressure on the company that supplies the salt to also be halal certified. So it places pressure down the line for each ingredient maker to also be halal certified, otherwise they lose business.

After you have paid all the fees, your product still may not achieve halal certification as it may have become ‘contaminated’ such as being transported in a truck with pork products.

Halal Certification fees – anywhere from $1000 to $27,000 per month

And what do the halal certifiers charge for all this? Well who knows, not even the Senate inquiry could find this out. But, as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, there are allegations of anywhere from $1000 to $27,000 a month. Other allegations include that food producers must make their financial records accessible to the certifier, and that they must sign non disclosure agreements regarding the fees.

An industry shrouded in secrecy

Of course some of the allegations made may or may not be true, but why the secrecy? The whole industry is highly unregulated and shrouded in secrecy, so each halal certifier can pretty much make up their own rules. And if the fees are paltry why not be upfront about them?

The Senate inquiry was also unable to establish how many halal certifiers there are in Australia.

Halal Certified foods are rarely labelled as such

Very little of halal certified foods are labelled. Ironically making it impossible for Muslims, supposedly their market, to know if foods are actually halal certified. The lack of labelling would appear to defeat the whole purpose of a food certification scheme! Therefore it makes it impossible for anyone who wishes to either buy – or boycott – halal certified foods to do so. This is the reason why some politicians have called for labelling of halal certified goods, and indeed it was one of the recommendations of the Senate Inquiry. Yet 2 years on compulsory labelling of halal certification foods has not been implemented, despite having bi-partisan political support from the Senate Committee.

1982 Royal Commission uncovered corruption

What we do know for sure are the halal certifiers that are approved for red meat exports, as there is a list provided by the Department of Agriculture for that. The only reason this exists is due to the 1982 Royal Commission into the meat industry which uncovered corruption and some issues with halal certification such as forged certificates, so they recommended more regulation as well as stating that halal certification should be a cost recovery exercise only, and that fees charged should “not be seen as a way of raising revenue for other Muslim purposes unconnected with the meat industry.” However fast forward to today and halal certifiers such as AFIC are making huge profits. All tax free, thanks very much, as they, and some other halal certifiers, are not for profit organisations!

Halal Certifiers making huge profits & many are tax exempt charities

AFIC (Australian Federation of Islamic Councils also known as Muslims Australia), Australia’s peak Islamic body, testified at the Senate inquiry and disputed the veracity of their reported profits, until it was pointed out to them that those figures were taken from their own financial records! Profits like $751,000, which doesn’t seem like merely a cost recovery exercise. By the way AFIC is a registered charity and is thus exempt from the reporting and tax obligations of most Australian businesses.

Halal certifiers - AFIC - Australian Federation of Islamic Councils - money mismanagement

The Australian, “Muslim school stripped of $45m”

Halal Certifier and charity AFIC siphoned millions of government funding

AFIC have had a long list of controversies, including financial mismanagement of many Islamic schools. For instance they siphoned millions of dollars in funds off Malek Fahd Islamic school, an alleged $45.14 million since 2000. By the way this was government funding that was supposed to be used by the school, as a result the school had it’s government funding revoked, a decision that was backed up by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (however now Malek Fahd has appealed to the Federal Court and as a result its funding has been reinstated by the government pending a decision).

Halal Certifier AFIC siphoned off $45 million, and no one seems to know or care where it ended up

You would think that over $45 million being siphoned off would raise some eyebrows, not to mention questions as to where the money ended up, but as far as I’m aware there has been no serious ramifications, such as criminal convictions, for any of AFIC’s board, or any detailed investigation as to where the money ended up.

AFIC received funding from Gaddafi, and are the Halal Certifier handpicked by the Saudis, Indonesians etc

Malek Fahd’s not the only school that AFIC have allegedly mismanaged, as a result others have also had their funding cut. Oh and AFIC were a big fan of Gaddafi back in the day, in fact they received a significant amount of funding from Gaddafi. Sadly for AFIC he is not around anymore, so I guess they need halal certification to keep afloat these days (as $45 million dollars taken from a government funded school mustn’t go that far anymore).

Halal certifiers approved to certify red meat exports

Australian Government, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, “List of recognised Islamic bodies for halal certification of red meat” This is a screenshot of part of the list

On the Department of Agriculture list (part of the list shown here) you can see, for instance, that AFIC is one of the halal certifiers approved for red meat exports to Saudi Arabia. They are also approved for Qatar. (AFIC affirmed at the Senate inquiry that they also certify other goods such as non meat foods and even makeup and medicines, and they certify for “Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Gulf”). Keep in mind that if a meat producer wants to export to several Islamic countries they have to get halal certification by each country’s approved halal certifier! So multiple halal certifications are often needed! The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) testified at the Senate inquiry that this was a problem raised by some of the meat producers, as the meat industry operated on low margins.

Halal Certification fees most likely passed on to consumers

We are often told that halal certification fees aren’t passed on to consumers, that economies of scale absorb the costs. Whilst this may be true in some cases, it is unlikely to always be the case, particularly given the huge costs of getting products certified in some industries. The fact that the AFGC testified that the meat industry runs on low margins, and that some meat producers had flagged the cost of halal certification as a problem, indicates that some producers were having problems paying these fees. Therefore it’s not much of a leap to assume they would have passed the costs onto consumers.

The State of The Global Islamic Economy Report 2016/17, above quote from pg 189

Furthermore, The State of The Global Islamic Economy Report indicates that halal certification costs are indeed passed on to the consumer.

The Export Market argument – but who needs who?

Another justification for halal certification is that it opens up export markets. Whilst we undoubtedly export a huge amount of red meat to Islamic countries, the Gulf countries also export oil to us, so why are we not demanding they pay for a Christian/Atheist blessing of their oil before we accept it? Yes we need their oil, but then again they need our beef, as 85% of OIC meat is imported (OIC consists of 57 Islamic nations/states). In fact the Salaamgateway website noted how dependent Islamic countries are on meat imports from non-Islamic countries, “These imports are worth $15 billion, two-thirds of which are paid out to Brazil, Australia, India, the U.S. and France. A key implication of such a substantial amount of imported meat coming from non-Islamic countries is that there is a very high need for halal food production certification and logistics integrity.”

Actually the true implication there is that the non-Islamic countries have the power to withhold meat from Islamic countries, or at the very least set the rules, if Islamic countries make too many demands. Naturally they can play tit for tat and do the same with their oil, but we aren’t the ones demanding some ridiculous religious certification of their products.

Less than 5% of Australian chicken is exported, yet most of it is halal certified

In any case the ‘halal certification opens up export markets’ analogy doesn’t hold up in the case of chicken, because less than 5% of Aussie chicken is exported, and not all of that goes to Islamic countries. Yet it appears that the vast majority of Aussie chicken is actually halal certified, despite the small percentage that ends up being eaten by Muslims. But once again no one knows the exact amount that is halal certified because both the halal certifiers and the food industry either refuse to disclose this, or are evasive with their answers.

Halal Food indicator by country list

The State of The Global Islamic Economy Report 2016/17, pg 29, shows Australia as 2nd in the world on their Halal Food Indicator

Australia is 2nd on the world Halal Food Indicator

However we do know that according to the Thomson Reuters/DinarStandard report that Australia is number 2 on their world Halal Food Indicator. (pg 29) The Halal Food Indicator evaluates countries on the “relative strengths of the ecosystem they have for the development of the sector.” (pg 28) In other words how amenable we are to being fleeced by them. Indeed they also note that we have risen from number 4 to number 2, so it appears we are giving into their scam. Therefore it seems most likely that the majority of our Aussie produced food is halal certified, and indeed we far outweigh all other Western countries (not to mention all Islamic countries other than the UAE!).

Halal Certification rort expanding rapidly worldwide – UK, USA, Europe, Asian, West etc

But halal certification is not just an Australian issue, many Westernised countries are being coerced into the halal certification food scam, but you have to wonder why we are allowing ourselves to be held to ransom over food exports when it appears that the Islamic countries need us more than we need them. Indeed the Salaamgateway website also noted that “while the 57-country Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is home to 80 percent of the world’s Muslims, almost 80 percent of their food imports come from non-Islamic trading partners.” Which works out to be “an estimated $190 billion in food and beverages in 2015.” Admittedly total imports appear to only account for “15.9 percent of total consumer expenditure on food and beverages across all OIC countries, which implies that 84.1 percent of F&B is produced domestically.”

Halal Certification isn’t just food, expanding into every product and service worldwide

But of course it’s not just food that the halal certifiers want to profit from, the situation is getting worse, as you can see from the Thomson Reuters/DinarStandard report, halal certification is expanding evermore, to the point where not just all of our foods but also all of our services (worldwide) are likely to end up requiring halal certification, with the majority of the profits raised funding Islam.

Indonesia has made halal certification compulsory for every product

For instance Indonesia has legislated that by 2019 it will be “‘mandatory for products that enter, are distributed and are traded in Indonesia to be halal certified.’ It goes on to define those products as ‘goods and/or services comprising of food, beverages, medicines, cosmetics, chemical products, biological products, genetically engineered products, as well as items that are worn, used or made use by the public.’” So pretty much everything! And MUI, who helped draft the legislation (you know the same group who endorse female genital mutilation) has everything to gain, “For one thing, the law puts the council temporarily in charge of overseeing the certification process, for which producers, importers and distributors of affected products will be charged a fee.”

Indonesia’s Halal overlord, MUI, supports female genital mutilation (FGM)

See my other post on MUI’s links to female genital mutilation (FGM).

Your grocery purchases may be funding female genital mutilation

segregating Muslims from non-Muslims in the Halal certification Islamic Economy report pg 189

The State of The Global Islamic Economy Report 2016/17, pg 189

Segregating Muslims from non-Muslims is part of the Halal plan

Oh but it’s not just money they want, the Halal Certification kingpins also want to change our way of life, as the Thomson Reuters/DinarStandard report not only mentions the segregation of genders in education (pg 193) and health care (pg 185), but also the segregation of Muslims from non-Muslims in health care (pg 189). Hmm, I wonder who will be allocated the best doctors?

Halal certification Islamic Economy report on education pg 195

The State of The Global Islamic Economy Report 2016/17, pg 195

Islamic indoctrination

Oh and if you are an educator, looks like you will be brainwashed into spewing out Islamic propaganda, whoops, I mean educators will undergo religious sensitivity training and be trained to be proficient in Islamic content. (pg 195) One assumes that if you are a female teacher you and your female students will be shoved to the back of the classroom, Rosa Parks style, so you don’t contaminate the menfolk. But it is not all bad news because after you are forced to convert to Islam (surely that’s the next step) you might end up with an interest free loan, as Muslims are pushing for this too (Shariah compliant finance).

Though before you become too enthusiastic, remember those interest free loans are attached to an oppressive system of law – Sharia (or Shariah) that treats women and other groups as subhumans.

Halal Certification is a form of jihad

For all the concerns about links to terrorism and other forms of extremism, perhaps the most alarming part of halal certification is that it is obviously a form of silent jihad, whereby instead of using violence, our countries are overtaken by stealth.

In conclusion – Halal Certification is Islamic Sharia by stealth

Halal certification is political Islam making its insidious inroads into our Western world – sharia by stealth. In the end this may prove far more effective than terrorism in controlling us. In fact considering that virtually all Australians are funding Islam through our weekly grocery shopping, and within a few years virtually every purchase everyone in the world makes will contribute to Islam, then we already know who are masters are.


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The 2016/2017 Thomson Reuters/DinarStandard (the latter being an Islamic company) report into the Global Islamic Economy, documents all the areas that Halal Certification has spread into. The whole report has been “supported by Dubai The Capital of Islamic Economy”. Downloadable below, even if you just have a quick skim it is eye opening:

“The 2016/2017 Thomson Reuters/DinarStandard report into The State of The Global Islamic Economy” can be downloaded here:

ThomsonReuters-stateoftheGlobalIslamicEconomyReport201617 lower res

OR it can also be found at:


Other related reading:

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Salaamgateway, “What are the food items OIC countries import the most?“, http://www.salaamgateway.com/en/food/story/what_are_the_food_items_oic_countries_import_the_most-salaam12032017045713/

The Senate Economics References Committee into third-party certification of food (2015):
(there is a lot of material, submissions etc, and the hansard is actually on a different website to these and the final report so I have just provided below the key documents, being the downloads of the hansard of the three hearings and then the final report):




Senate Committee Report

For other materials, submissions etc related to this inquiry:



Halal vaccines, medicines and segregation of the infidels

“Malaysia: First Halal Pharmaceutical Gathering takes place in November” (article from Eat Halal website 2013)

Halal certifiers are eyeing up $148 billion worth of generic medical patents due to expire in 2018, and they also plan to create halal certified vaccines. Segregating Muslims from non-Muslim patients is also on their radar.

It started off with meat only, then other foods, now halal certification has extended into pharmaceuticals, healthcare, travel, education, and the list goes on. A $2.1 trillion dollar industry which mostly funds Islam but virtually all of us worldwide are chipping into it. But it’s not just our infidel money they want, they also want to change our way of life, such as segregating Muslims from non Muslims in healthcare.

The Thomson Reuters/DinarStandard report into The State of The Global Islamic Economy 2016/17, and supported by Dubai The Capital of Islamic Economy

I have continued to investigate halal certification and have uncovered some alarming information which may affect the worldwide healthcare and medical system.

The 2016/2017 Thomson Reuters/DinarStandard (the latter being an Islamic company) report into the State of The Global Islamic Economy, which is supported by “Dubai The Capital of Islamic Economy”, documents all the areas that halal certification has spread into.

What is most alarming to me are the following quotes, regarding pharmaceuticals:

  • “Within pharmaceuticals, there has been an ongoing push for Halal certified vaccines. A Malaysian and Saudi Arabian consortium working on developing a Halal vaccine are waiting to launch their product as soon as the world’s first Halal vaccine facility becomes operational in 2018.” (pg 159)

    The State of The Global Islamic Economy Report 2016/17, pg 172

  • “Halal pharmaceuticals manufacturers are investing in R&D to develop vaccines, and eying patent expirations to expand their portfolios.” (pg 172)
  • “Companies are gearing up to take advantage of the ‘patent cliff’ in generics, with $148 billion worth of generic patents set to expire by 2018. Malaysia’s CCM Berhad will select products with upcoming patent expirations for manufacturing, depending on production capacity, by 2018.” (pg 172)

Of course once these patents expire there is nothing to stop anyone from making their own generic brand of pharmaceuticals, and the halal certified brands will be just another competitor. However we have already seen halal certified foods hold a monopoly in Australian society, not to mention other Western countries. Halal certified pharmaceuticals could end up with a monopoly too.

The State of The Global Islamic Economy Report 2016/17, pg 29, shows Australia as 2nd in the world on their Halal Food Indicator

Think it can’t happen? Well look at our food industry, we have just over 2% Muslims in Australia, yet the majority of our Aussie produced foods appear to be halal certified. Exactly what percentage is unclear (even the 2015 Senate Economics References Committee into third party certification of food couldn’t find out), but according to the Thomson Reuters/DinarStandard report Australia has risen from number 4 to number 2 on the World Halal Food indicator. (pg 29) The Halal Food Indicator evaluates countries on the “relative strengths of the ecosystem they have for the development of the sector.” (pg 28) Therefore it seems as if someone involved in this report has a good idea how much money Aussie produced foods are making for Islamic interests, even if no one was forthcoming with the information to the Australian Senate inquiry.

Profits from the majority of our Aussie foods funding Islam? All of this would have been unthinkable some years back.

This is potentially what could happen with pharmaceuticals. Say a halal certifier makes a money grant (e.g. backed by Saudi Arabia) to a hospital but the proviso is that the hospital agrees to stock only halal certified brands (pharmaceuticals/food etc). They use the argument that it would be “inclusive” for Muslim patients, and of course the inference would be that any of the hospital board who object are “islamophobic”. Of course at that stage the halal certifiers ensure that their prices are in line with other generic pharmaceutical brands. Once they gain this monopoly they drive out all other competitors, they then start raising the prices of their medicines. By this stage the hospital is pretty much locked into dealing with them.

Halal certified hospital in India, Global Health City Chennai

Indeed the report mentions that at least one hospital in India, Global Health City Chennai, has secured halal certification. (pg 171). Whilst they don’t go into the full details of what securing halal certification for this hospital entailed, courtesy of an article on the Salaamgateway website it is clear that at the very least halal food is served to patients. It’s not a leap to assume that to stay halal certified this hospital will be pressured to only stock halal certified pharmaceuticals, and administer only halal certified vaccines once they become abundant.

Oh and no doubt halal certifiers will endeavour to get PBS backing too (or whatever similar pharmaceutical benefits scheme exists in various countries), meaning the government (think taxpayer) is helping to subsidise the costs of the medicines.

Of course there is nothing to stop any pharmaceutical company from using similar tactics to drive out other competitors, but the difference is, when it comes to halal certified pharmaceuticals, the profits are generally funding Islam.

The patent cliff is in 2018, therefore I think this is something that medical establishments worldwide need to look into ASAP.

The Salaamgateway article also mentioned that an important factor in medical tourism was to “provide halal medications when available ( such as porcine-free gelatine capsules for medication, non-porcine insulin).”

The State of The Global Islamic Economy Report 2016/17, pg 189

The Thomson Reuters/DinarStandard report mentioned though that it was a challenge to find “Halal alternatives for common medical ingredients” (pg 189). Therefore another issue could be that medicine may be compromised if these vaccines/medications ingredients are made to comply with religious specifications.

John Rock, the co-inventor of the contraceptive pill, designed it to be close to a woman’s natural cycle to appease the Catholic Church

If you think that it’s unlikely that non-Muslims would be affected by this, well it wouldn’t be the first time medicines have been compromised to fit with religious dogma that not all patients subscribe to. Indeed one of the reasons John Rock, the co-inventor of the contraceptive pill, designed it to be close to a woman’s natural cycle was to appease the Catholic Church, as well as reassure Catholics. There was not a health reason that women needed to have a period once a month, but because to do so made the pill appear more natural, and the Catholic Church had already approved a natural form of contraception, the rhythm method, Rock thought the Church may be more agreeable to accepting the contraceptive pill. He was wrong, and to this day the Catholic Church has still never approved artificial contraceptive devices such as the contraceptive pill (or condoms) as they are not deemed “natural” methods of family planning.

Of course John Rock had good intentions, he did hope to make the pill as amenable as possible to gain the Church’s approval and therefore to alleviate the suffering of many Catholic women who were often perpetually pregnant. And certainly women today have much to be grateful to John Rock for, as his pioneering work helped free millions of women who had been virtual prisoners of their biology. However whatever Rock’s good intentions were, the upshot of his futile attempt of capitulation to Catholic teachings was that legions of women using the pill, Catholic and otherwise, have endured a period once a month thinking it was unhealthy to forgo menstruation each month.

These days it seems the world has to capitulate to Islamic dogma. For instance Indonesia has mandated that by 2019 virtually all products (including food and pharmaceuticals) traded and imported into their country must be halal certified. The Jakarta Post noted that some pharmaceutical companies have already expressed their concerns about how this will compromise medicines.

There is also an indication in the Thomson Reuters/DinarStandard report that prices may go up. Under “Marketing and Sales Challenges” (pg 176):

  • “Economies of scale. Multinational companies are opting to produce organic and natural products instead of Halal certified products to appeal to a broader consumer base and have better economies of scale.”

Pharmacy 4 Less apparently has at least one halal certified location in Sydney

By the way, according to the report, apparently New York and Sydney already have halal pharmacies. (pg 171)

There are also many other alarming issues raised in this report, such as the segregation of genders, as well as the matching of female patients with female doctors. (pg 185)

Indeed according to the Salaamgateway article the halal certified hospital, Global Health City Chennai, “are also respectful of the privacy of female patients”. This is code for segregating women from men, of course having a separate male to female ward is not historically unusual in hospitals, but matching up medical staff to deal only with their own sex can lead to poor health outcomes if suitably qualified same sex staff are not available.

The State of The Global Islamic Economy Report 2016/17, pg 189

But even more shocking is that the Thomson Reuters/DinarStandard report mentions the segregation of Muslims and non Muslims in health care! (pg 189) One can only ponder who ends up with the best doctors, or gets first priority.

The whole report is “supported by Dubai The Capital of Islamic Economy”, and is an eye opening view into the expansive extortion scheme that halal certification has become, which as well as food and healthcare, includes travel, media, education and so forth.

As well as crowing about their achievements in expanding this rort, they also mention challenges in a number of areas.  For instance when reporting on halal slaughter they mention the “obvious divide amongst Halal consumers”, with some halal certifiers pushing for unstunned slaughter of livestock. (pg 48) (though they themselves support stunned slaughter, but it’s unclear if they support the more humane irreversible stunning method, or the less humane reversible stunning method that most halal slaughter is currently conducted under in Australia). By the way those who are fighting to have the inhumane halal and kosher slaughter methods banned are labelled as Islamophobes (pg 33).

The State of The Global Islamic Economy Report 2016/17, above quote from pg 189

For those of fighting against the scam that is halal certification you will be pleased to know that one challenge they did also mention was, “There has been a significant backlash against Halal certification in Australia, with several senators conducting an inquiry into the Halal industry, considering the cost of certification and higher price of food as a tax.” (pg 42)

By the way is the above an admission that halal certification does drive up food prices? Let’s fight now to ensure the same thing doesn’t happen to our health care system.


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“The 2016/2017 Thomson Reuters/DinarStandard report into The State of The Global Islamic Economy” can be downloaded here:

ThomsonReuters-stateoftheGlobalIslamicEconomyReport201617 lower res

OR it can also be found at:


Other references used in this report:

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See my other post explaining everything you need to know about Halal Certification:

Halal Certification – Sharia by stealth, the $2.1 trillion dollar Islamic industry we are all chipping into

The Litmus Test – Death of Apostates

Any organisation or ideology that imposes a death sentence on people who leave it should not be funded by us.

There are several verses of the Koran that mention apostasy (leaving one’s religion, in this case specifically Islam). Such as, “They wish you would disbelieve as they disbelieved so you would be alike. So do not take from among them allies until they emigrate for the cause of Allah. But if they turn away, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them and take not from among them any ally or helper.” — Quran 4:89

Interpretations vary, but the general consensus, on verses such as the above, seems to be that apostates (people who leave Islam) should be executed.

Certainly many Islamic countries agree, because (depending on the stats you use) 23 consider apostasy a crime, and 13 call for the death penalty for the simple act of leaving Islam. Yet by contrast no non Islamic country calls for the death penalty for the act of leaving one’s religion.

If you think it is just the governments of these countries that think this way, then think again. A 2013 Pew Research Center report found that many Muslims thought that apostates should be killed, indeed up to 88% of Egyptians and 62% of Pakistanis. Though to be fair many other Muslims in other countries showed far less support for execution of apostates, for instance only 1 in 7 Lebanese felt this way. But considering the amount of Lebanese migration to Australia, a figure such as 1 in 7 is still of high concern.

Of course any religion that has such text is offensive, but it does appear that Islam is the only major religion that actually currently practices this. For instance, whilst I’m not aware of any similar Christian/other religion apostasy surveys, I think you would be hard pressed to find a Christian today who believes that the death penalty should be imposed, no matter how disapproving of apostasy they may be.

And considering that apostasy is still punishable by death in a number of Islamic countries there would be many who are trapped in this religion too afraid to leave.

On the other hand those who are voluntarily participant in this religion, support an ideology that does not allow others to leave, and therefore enforces rules on these others that they do not wish to follow.

Of course the argument goes that Muslims in the west don’t live under the same onerous rules, but to my mind that makes it worse, because they are getting to enjoy the freedom and benefits of a secular society whilst supporting a religion that enforces others to stay and imposes draconian rules on them.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is one example, just because she left Islam and criticised it she is living under a fatwa of death.

But if you think this kind of extremism isn’t going on in Australia, then you only have to visit Bankstown to see it in action. Bankstown Library to be specific. A leader of Hizb ut-Tahrir was giving a speech there on Saturday (which begs the question, what is on for next week’s schedule at the library, a visit from the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, or perhaps a reading of Mein Kampf?  But I digress).

‘When asked, “Do you want to kill ex-Muslims?”, it is alleged that Uthman Badar, Hizb ut-Tahrir leader replied: “In Islam is clear that apostates do attract capital punishment, we don’t shy away from that.”’

Well of course the usual defence to any of us who would point out how wrong this is (apart from the cries of Islamophobia), is that Islam is so wonderful that no one would leave anyway. The other argument is that if Muslims had a problem with this why aren’t they speaking up (yes the blatantly obvious answer that they are too scared does not seem to register to those who would call us Islamophobes, though I guess the argument could be made that we, and the ex-Muslims, are indeed Islamophobic – afraid of Islam).

Well as it turns out some brave (very brave) ex-Muslims are speaking up. So courageous in fact they attended the meeting and have allowed their faces and names to be recorded on the news. They expressed their fears to a 7 News reporter who recorded the event.

One said, “The main reason that I left my own country was that I was worried about my own safety,” And now that I’ve come over here I know that they’re the same people, they’re already over here and they want me dead as well.”

Another ex-Muslim, “These people are making a willing choice to leave a religion that they don’t agree in, I made that choice three years ago, and for that you’re going to kill me.”

You can read more of their story at the link below.


This, by the way, is the same Hizb ut-Tahrir that a few years back wanted to hold a speech at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, called  “Honour killings are morally justified.” And more recently they are the group that SBS/ABC celebrity darling Yassmin Abdel-Magied turned to for advice after the resultant fallout from her recent famed Q and A spot where she stated her support for sharia. Currently a change.org petition asking for her to be sacked has chalked up more than 30,000 signatures.

This report about Hizb ut-Tahrir has reaffirmed to me that there are indeed people who are compelled to live under this religion, and we need to rescue them from it, and we need to stop supporting this religion that enforces people to stay.

Yes there are many Muslims who are willing participants of this religion, but we must support those who are trapped in this religion, and not those who would support a religion that traps others.

So this is the litmus test for me, any organisation, or one that is backed up by an ideology that has the death sentence for people who leave it, should not be funded by us. Therefore Islamic organisations should not receive any funding or assistance from the Australian government.

Ethical Easter – Boycott funding Islam through Halal

With terror and other Islamic atrocities on the rise, one small thing you can do – Boycott Cadbury chocolate this Easter!

Have an Ethical Easter – let’s stop funding Islamic atrocities through it’s Halal Certification rort, let’s start with boycotting Cadbury!

Emergency services at the scene outside the Palace of Westminster, London, after policeman has been stabbed and his apparent attacker shot by officers in a major security incident at the Houses of Parliament. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Wednesday March 22, 2017. See PA story POLICE Westminster. Photo credit should read: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Unfortunately I have just heard there has been another Islamic terror attack, this time in London.

As some of you know from my previous post, Halal Certification has been linked to female genital mutilation (FGM), I’ve been working tirelessly to get this information out to people but unfortunately few people know. Indeed the majority of our groceries are still Halal Certified, meaning that our shopping purchases are contributing to the genital mutilation of little girls.

Now with today’s terror attack in London this has reinforced to me that we need to stop funding Islam.

Yes I know that not all Muslims are terrorists, and indeed I myself know nice Muslims and I don’t wish for them to be discriminated against, but the point is when we fund Islam how do we know if the funding is going to the nice Muslims or the ones committing terrorism and human rights violations?

Well in fact as ABC Four Corners discovered part of Halal Certification funding goes to MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia). MUI are supporters of female genital mutilation (FGM), and indeed mass FGM ceremonies are performed on Indonesian schoolgirls, this is well documented in articles from newspapers such as The Guardian and The Jakarta Post. UNICEF have confirmed that at least 49% of Indonesian schoolgirls have undergone female genital mutilation.

UNICEF research clearly shows that female genital mutilation is worldwide a predominantly Islamic problem, with 9 out of the top 10 countries by FGM prevalence by population being majority Muslim nations.

Female genital mutilation, sometimes also referred to as FGM, female circumcision or cutting, is the mutilation of a girl’s genitals. The severity of this varies and can include the complete removal of her clitoris and sewing her vaginal lips together. Therefore the UN has declared any such procedure as a human rights violation, as it serves no medical purpose and indeed it is a barbaric, harmful practice designed to control women’s sexuality.

We also know that there is a huge problem with Islamic terrorism worldwide, and in Muslim majority nations there are many discriminatory laws against women, gay people, apostates, atheists, and people of other faiths under their sharia law system. Laws such as women can’t leave their house without permission/accompaniment from a male relative. Women can be stoned to death for adultery, yet when a man wants to commit ‘adultery’ he just marries another wife.

Having gay sex can lead to execution, and indeed simply leaving the Islamic religion or criticising it in anyway can also lead to execution. Even Bill Maher, a comedian, staunch atheist and critic of many religions including Christianity, admits that Islam is the worst as it is the “the only religion that acts like the mafia, that will f**king kill you if you say the wrong thing, draw the wrong picture or write the wrong book.”

I want to make this clear I do not wish to see Muslims discriminated against, many are suffering in hellholes like Iraq and Syria, but we need to stop funding the actual ideology that is suppressing so many people’s rights and committing so many atrocities. We can still help Muslims as individuals get medical help, education and employment, but there is nothing in our constitution to say that we have to fund any religion, particularly one as violent and oppressive as Islam.

What can you do?

Firstly, please share my post.

Secondly and simply,  this Easter boycott Cadbury chocolate.

Why Cadbury? Well it is Halal Certified. Having said this so many of our groceries (including other chocolates) are Halal Certified, and even more frustrating it is rarely labelled as such, therefore it is very difficult without looking up an app like Halal Choices (though an excellent app by the way) to determine what few products you can buy, however as Cadbury is one of the biggest chocolate producers, by boycotting them at their busiest time this would send a clear message to Cadbury and others who pay for Halal Certification that we want them to stop chipping into Islam.

So let’s have an Ethical Easter – boycott Cadbury and stop contributing to the genital mutilation of little girls and other Islamic atrocities.