Should we fund Islamic organisations? Ask your MP, Yes or No? And vote accordingly

We need to stop funding Islamic extremism

Indonesian woman caned for having pre-marital sex under Sharia law

Whilst the argument rages on whether we are funding terrorism or not, we do know at the very least that we are funding other types of Islamic extremist views, such as those who want to see Sharia Law enacted or are involved in other questionable activities. (you can see this through my various posts here).

Let me make this clear I am not asking for a ban on Muslims, I am aware that not all of them are extremists, some are what we would call cultural Muslims, and are not particularly religious.

What I am asking for is that we defund Islam in this country. No more government funding of Islamic organisations, or charitable status given to them, no more tax exemptions, no more halal certification.

Female genital mutilation of Indonesian schoolgirls carried out in mass operations

Whilst I personally know some good Muslims, this is a religion that at its very least is misogynistic and oppressive. A religion that calls for the death of gays, apostates, atheists and people of other faiths. Women are treated like sub-humans. Animals are slaughtered inhumanely. Little girls are genitally mutilated.

The Koran preaches violence, and some of its members are putting these violent verses into action via terrorism. Even more are practising the oppressive practices outlined for them by Islamic leaders.

ISIS is guilty of numerous atrocities and terrorism – who is funding them?

No, not every Muslim is following the examples of oppression preached for them in the Koran and mosques, ironically some cultural Muslims flee their home countries to escape Islamic oppression and then find the same religion is being imposed on them here, a country that is supposedly non Islamic and is arguably secular. Therefore if we want to help these good Muslims to receive healthcare, education etc we can do all of this via secular organisations.

Keep in mind that according to Section 116, of The Australian Constitution, “The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance..” If the government and indeed every Australian is involuntarily chipping into a religion via government funding, and indeed also being forced to eat religiously slaughtered/certified food (considering halal certified foods have a monopoly in this country, and the labelling of such is inadequate) then effectively this is imposing religious observance on us.

Whilst The Constitution also says that The Commonwealth can not prohibit, “the free exercise of any religion”. Keep in mind though where the free exercise of religion has come into conflict with our laws, sometimes courts have deemed the curtailing of such free exercise as legal. For instance in 1912, The High Court “considered that Section 116 would only protect religious observance from government interference; it would not permit a person to be excused from a legal obligation merely because the obligation conflicted with his or her religious beliefs.”

Indeed during World War II, a branch of the Jehovah’s witnesses was dissolved, because “The government had declared the branch to be an organisation whose activities were “prejudicial to the defence of the Commonwealth”: one of the branch’s professed beliefs was that the government was an “organ of Satan”. This dissolution was found not to be in contravention of Section 116, because “the Constitution permitted the court to “reconcile religious freedom with ordered government”.

Therefore if a religious leader was preaching violent or illegal acts, which led to members committing said illegal acts, one would assume that there may be a legal case for banning their branch of religion.

However admittedly this is all quite a murky legal area, because funding of religion has also been argued to not be in contravention of the Constitution, but basically this has come down to legal arguments about whether government funding can be seen as being trying to establish a religion or not.

There are also arguments, which I won’t go into depth here, as to whether Islam should be classified as a religion or not. This is partially to do with the fact that Islam has a political aspect to it. Some say it therefore is a political ideology, others say it is a cult. This too is a murky area, because depending on how Islam is classified may give it more, or less, legal protection.

The Australian, “Muslim school stripped of $45m”

However what is clear is that currently Islam is considered a religion, by the powers that be, and that constitutionally we are NOT required to fund any religion, therefore why are we funding Islam?

There is no societal benefit to funding Islam in this country, and it is not a constitutional requirement, and indeed, depending on what argument you use, it may be unconstitutional, so why are we doing it?

The point is not whether Islamic organisations are funding terrorism, but the fact that they are funding various types of extremist beliefs, and in a time when we are effectively at war with parts of Islam, why are we taking the risk of funding it at all?

The question we should be asking every politician, is this:

Should we fund Islamic organisations?

Yes or No?

Then vote accordingly to their answer.

Oh, and let’s ask for a plebiscite on it.




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